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Personal Injury Claims in the UK

A Guide On How To File A Successful Personal Injury Claim If you have been injured in the line of work or in any other scene because of the negligence of another person, you can file a personal injury claim and receive compensation for your injuries and suffering. It is sometimes necessary to file a… Read More »

Training As a Personal Injury Lawyer

The Training To Become An Injury Claims Solicitor Working as a solicitor can be a challenging and very rewarding career. There are a lot of different areas of law you can specialise in which varies the work. However, before you can look at the work, you need to know the training needed. Having A Law… Read More »

Welcome to Attorney Journal Dublin

Dublin Solicitors 101 Like any sensible business decision, we always recommend that consumers measure twice, and cut once. What we mean is that before you engage a law firm to act on your behalf that you talk to more than one law firm. Find out what they do well, and what they choose to avoid.… Read More »